Best Coffee Shop In Rome Near The Colosseum: Bar Monti

A coffee shop in Rome near the Colosseum, Bar Monti, is a beautiful coffee bar with stunning art, live entertainment and of course great coffee and pastries.

Coffee Shop In Rome Near Colosseum Bar Monti - Stroll In

Even though it is a short walk from Bar Monti to the Colosseum, this coffee spot is somewhat tucked away from the tourist hordes and offers a place to stop and collect yourself all day long. They offer delicious coffee and pastries for breakfast, light lunches, afternoon snacks and Happy Hour cocktails. Bar Monti is more than just a coffee bar, which is why it is a great place at which to stop. 

My Experience At Bar Monti

Bar Monti was one of the first coffee shops in Rome that I actually searched out, instead of just stumbling upon it, and I’m glad I did. During a visit to Rome around 6 years ago I made a list of all the well known and well reviewed coffee shops and stopped by most of them. I enjoyed the illy coffee they serve at Bar Monti and their pastries were also delightful. The one unexpected treat was the photography and other art on the walls that made the shop that much more beautiful. 

Coffee Shop In Rome Near Colosseum Bar Monti - illy Coffee

I’ve been back a few times since that first trip and I’m always looking forward to stopping by when I’m in the area, but next time I may decide to enjoy some live entertainment that they offer in the evenings. Any time of the day is a good time to stop by.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops In Rome

Does Rome Have Coffee Shops?

Yes, Rome has coffee shops, which are usually called: Bar (like Bar Monti), but sometimes you will see a Caffè where you can get some great coffee all over Rome. The level of quality is consistently high, so while it’s great to visit a cool antique bar, don’t avoid the smaller, newer and less familiar ones. Their coffee might surprise you.

Coffee Shop In Rome Near Colosseum Bar Monti - Breakfast

What Kind Of Food Is At Bar Monti?

They offer something delicious to eat all day long, from morning through cocktail hour. For breakfast, you can have the typical coffee drinks like espresso and cappuccino, along with a pastry, muffin juice or fruit. Lunch is a lighter affair of salads, yogurt,  tramezzini (sandwiches) and drinks. For Happy Hour (Aperitivo) you can have beer, wine, a Spritz, popular cocktails and after dinner drinks called digestivi. After breakfast, this isn’t a place for a full meal, but a place to stop by for a quick snack or a cocktail.

Is There Music At Bar Monti?

There is music in Bar Monti. Typically, they offer an event called: Jazz Corner, which is typically a three person combo playing in their dining room, which is just off the bar area. They also, less frequently, have something called Vocal Night, where they add a vocalist to the music. These start after 8:30 PM and you might want to call to make a reservation. 

Coffee Shop In Rome Near Colosseum Bar Monti - Art

How Far Is The Colosseum From The City Center?

The Colosseum is considered to be in the historic center of Rome and definitely within the Aurelian Walls of the ancient city. If you are wondering where it is relative to Piazza Venezia, which many consider the center of the city, it is a quick 10 minute stroll down Via dei Fori Imperiali. From Bar Monti, you have two choices for reaching the Colosseum. You can take a 12 minute walk, or just ride the Metro one stop from the Cavour stop to the Colosseum stop.

Is There Food In The Colosseum?

No, the Colosseum isn’t a place to eat, and some of the surrounding restaurants can be a bit touristy, despite the fact that they have an amazing view. If you are planning your morning meals and tours, you could start at Bar Monti for a light breakfast and walk down for a visit to the Colosseum.

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How Much Is A Cup Of Coffee In Rome?

Coffee in Rome is quite affordable, with an espresso setting you back between €1 and €1.20, and a cappuccino between €1.20 and €1.50. You might find one slightly cheaper or a bit more expensive, but these are definitely exceptions to the rule. Also, these are the prices for drinking at the counter, so if you want to sit at a table, you can expect to pay a bit more for the comfort.

What Is The Most Popular Coffee In Rome?

Without a doubt, the most popular coffees are an espresso, a cappuccino and a macchiato. There are many more varieties of espresso coffee you can check out, but these three are the most popular. Don’t forget, cappuccino is strictly for breakfast, so don’t order it after 11:00 in the morning. After that, stick to espresso.


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How Can I Find Bar Monti?

The Monti neighborhood of Rome is very popular so you will find it easy to be nearby, but specifically, Bar Monti is at Via Urbana, 93, and it is open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM Mondays to Fridays and until midnight on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

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