Caffe Giolitti In Rome Is A Great Italian Coffee Bar

Caffe Giolitti in Rome is a great stop during your next visit if Italian coffee culture is something you want to experience. Let us be your guide!

Caffe Giolitti In Rome - Cup

The antique Gelateria and Pasticceria known as Giolitti is a popular stop for tourists and locals alike and they are well known for their gelato and pastries, but definitely don’t miss an opportunity to try some of their espresso to see if it is the best in Rome.

The history of Giolitti began in 1890 when Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti opened a dairy and sold home-produced milk from the pastures of the Roman countryside. These days the same amazing flavors of the past can be found, with fresh and natural products appreciated all over the world.

Caffe Giolitti In Rome - Outside

Where Is Caffe Giolitti In Rome Located?

The gelateria and pasticceria is located on Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 which is near the Italian Parliament building and popular with politicians of all persuasions. It is very conveniently located to a number of popular sites, for example:

  • It is a couple blocks north of the Pantheon.

  • It is a block west of the political hub of Palazzo Chigi and Piazza Colonna.

  • It is a couple blocks northeast of Piazza Navona.

  • It is a couple blocks west of the main shopping street of Via del Corso.

How Is The Coffee At The Caffe Giolitti, Rome?

The coffee is often overlooked at Giolitti because of how amazing the gelato and pastries are, but it shouldn’t be. I found the service fast and friendly, and the coffee was delicious. I would say that it is less strong than I prefer, but I admit I enjoy my coffee stronger than most people. I think the smoothness of their espresso is why their espresso is popular with Romans and tourists alike.

Caffe Giolitti In Rome - Pastries

What Can I Buy At Caffe Giolitti, Rome?

Unlike some of the other Roman coffee shops that I have reviewed, Giolitti doesn’t sell much in the way of merchandise, and maybe this is a revenue opportunity for them. Their products are the edible kind, like gelato and pastries. They don’t sell bags of their own coffee and I didn’t see any branded bags or shirts, just pastries and gelato.

What Coffee Is Rome Famous For?

The most famous and popular coffee in Italy would be the espresso and the cappuccino. An espresso is a small cup of strong coffee that is brewed by forcing nearly boiling water through the finely ground coffee beans. The espresso is the basis for all the other Italian coffees, like the cappuccino, which is an espresso, with an equal amount of hot milk and an equal amount of milk foam. Almost all of the other Italian coffees are a variation on the amount of espresso, milk and foam, like a café latte or macchiato, which is my favorite. Coming to Caffe Giolitti gives you an opportunity to try all the varieties that interest you.

Caffe Giolitti In Rome - Empty Cup

How Do You Pay In An Italian Café Or Bar?

This can throw a tourist for a loop if they are unaware, so if you are uncertain on how to pay for your coffee, this should help. When you walk into a coffee shop, look for the cash register, known as the Cassa. If someone is sitting there, go up and pay for your espresso first. Then bring the recipe to the bar and present it to the barista. They will either tear or take your receipt and bring you your order.

An expectation is if the bar is small and the barista is the same person working at the Cassa. In this case, you can just place your order at the bar. Also, if the bar is big enough and you want to sit at a table instead of standing at the bar, just take a seat and someone will be around to serve you.

Why Is Coffee So Important To Italians?

Coffee in Italy is ubiquitous and it is an important part of everyday life. There are a wide range of espresso based drinks that can be enjoyed all day long and can also be used as a social lubricant, even more than in the US. There are regional differences in coffee styles that are loved by the locals that are produced both by large roasters as well as smaller local roasters which can vary largely and subtly.

Most Italians I have met enjoy their favorite coffee everyday and some of the reasons should be familiar to Americans. They need to boost in the morning to face the day, they enjoy the taste of coffee, it is a habit they can’t or don’t want to break and because it can be a moment of relaxation during a busy day. The approach to coffee is different, even if the needs are the same.

Caffe Giolitti In Rome - Seating

Learn More About Italian Coffee Culture

Caffe Giolitti in Rome is only one of an almost endless supply of amazing coffee roasters in Italy and we will continue reviewing more of our favorites. If you are interested in learning more about the Italian coffee culture and delicious opportunities to experience it, check out some of our other posts:

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