A Coffee Shop In Rome Near The Vatican Is Sciascia Caffè

A great coffee shop in Rome near the Vatican is Sciascia Caffè 1919, a bar with history where you can get some delicious coffee for a long day touring the Vatican.

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Sciascia Caffè 1919 (pronounced: Sha-Sha) is one of the oldest and most famous coffee bars in Rome and you don’t survive that long without offering something special to your customers. It has been in the Prati neighborhood, which borders Vatican City, for more than 100 years and they have been at their current location since 1937.

Sciascia Caffè 1919 History

The love of the founder, Adolfo Sciascia, who spent 50 years perfecting the coffee blend, can still be felt on the premises of the bar at Via Fabio Massimo. As far as Sciascia Caffè is concerned, the coffee blends were created by Dr. Sciascia for more than 50 years and still remains a secret, which makes this coffee unique and exclusive in flavor. The objective of the Caffetteria Sciascia caffè 1919 is to always offer the best coffee and other products, like: chocolates, pastries, candies, tea.

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My Experience At Sciascia Caffè

I planned my excursion to Sciascia early so I could get a good feel for their coffee and pastries, before heading over to Vatican City for some pictures and video. They open at 7:00 AM everyday, so it isn’t too difficult to make their coffee to be the start of your day.

The baristas and the woman working the cash register were very nice and inviting. I heard some very patient exchanges with some of the other customers that showed me that they really do care about their clientele.

It is common in Italy to pay for your coffee and pastry first, before going to the counter to order, but here at Sciascia, the woman at the checkout said I could order and enjoy my meal before paying, which was a nice surprise. Another surprise was after I finished, I went to pay on my way out and she knew what I had ordered. I’m not sure how, but she made it easy.

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Traditional Italian Vibes At Sciascia Caffè

Sciascia Caffè 1919 succeeds in capturing the vibes of traditional Italian cafés. There aren’t many cafés as old as this one, but there are a couple and this place has the same feel to it. The warm dark tones, dimmed lighting, and the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans create an ambiance that resonates with the coffee culture of Italy in the best ways possible. The interior design further contributes to the nostalgic atmosphere with the walls adorned with vintage images of the bar that can transport you to a bygone era, where coffee wasn’t just a beverage but a way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops In Rome

How Do You Order Coffee In Italy?

It is very common in a café in Italy, especially a larger one, to pay at the cash register (Cassa) first, bring the receipt to the barista and then you will receive your order. In places that are tourist heavy, you might find it acceptable to order first from the barista, but this isn’t traditionally the way it is done. This is how it was done here at Sciascia, which I think is based on their popularity with tourists.

Does The Vatican Have A Café?

If you are visiting the Vatican or are just in the Prati neighborhood of Rome, you will want to plan your espresso consumption appropriately. The Vatican, especially the areas for the visitors (as opposed to the residents and employees) does not have a Café available to the general public, so Sciascia Caffè is the way to go. There is a bar available in the Vatican Museums, but that would be limited to the people visiting the museum.

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Does Rome Have Coffee Shops?

Yes, Rome has coffee shops, which are usually called: Bar, but sometimes you will see a Caffè like Sciascia Caffé where you can get some great coffee all over Rome. The level of quality is consistently high, so while it’s great to visit a cool, old bar like Sciascia, don’t avoid the smaller, newer and less familiar ones. Their coffee might surprise you.

How Much Is A Cup Of Coffee In Rome?

Coffee in Rome is quite affordable, with an espresso setting you back between €1 and €1.20 and a cappuccino between €1.20 and €1.50. You might find one slightly cheaper or a bit more expensive, but these are definitely exceptions to the rule. Also, these are the prices for drinking at the counter, so if you want to sit at a table, you can expect to pay a bit more for the comfort.

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Do They Drink Coffee In Rome?

Yes, coffee is consumed in great quantities and all throughout the day in Rome, and across Italy. If you ever wondered where Starbucks got their ideas for a coffee bar, it was mostly stolen from Italy and changed in terrible ways. While some of their drink names might be similar, when you go to a bar in Italy, it will be an entirely different experience.

What Is The Oldest Coffee Shop In Rome?

Even at more than 100 years old, Sciascia Caffé is a child compared to the historical Antico Caffè Greco, which opened in 1760 on Via dei Condotti. It is the oldest bar in Rome and the second oldest in Italy and also the subject of a future post by me. I have been there one time, and I’m due for a refill.

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How To Visit Sciascia Caffè 1919 In Person

Sciascia Caffè 1919 is a small bar near the Vatican, at: Via Fabio Massimo, n.80/a in Rome. This is easily reachable on Metro A by getting off at the Ottaviano stop and walking a couple of blocks. You can also take a bus easily as it is a very popular area for tourists. They also have another location near Piazza Mazzini, which looks a little bigger with some outdoor seating, but if you are a tourist, it is unlikely you will be heading in this direction. The bar is open everyday from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

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