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The Friendliest Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum: Ciuri Ciuri

If you are looking for a coffee shop near the Colosseum, Ciuri Ciuri is a great place to choose because of their friendly staff and delicious Kimbo coffee.

Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum - Breakfast

If you are in the neighborhood of the Colosseum in Rome, there is a strong possibility you want to grab some coffee or a snack. My strong recommendation is to walk down via Labicana and find Ciuri Ciuri

This small coffee shop serves Kimbo coffee from Naples, which happens to be my favorite coffee, along with some tasty pastries all morning and some more savory options during and after lunch. If it’s a bit later, enjoy a refreshing cocktail and relax while touring the city.

There are actually two locations for Ciuri Ciuri, but I am referring mostly to the via Labicana location. The second one is on Via Leonina, but we don-t visit that one as much because it isn’t as convenient and they serve a different coffee brand.

Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum - Various Pastries

How Do You Pronounce Ciuri Ciuri?

Even though I have been learning Italian for a while now, spelling this name still trips me up from time to time. In Italian, CI is pronounced as CHEE, so putting it all together, Ciuri is pronounced (sorta) like: Chew-Ree, but you need to roll the R, so it is more like: Chew-di Chew-di. Don’t worry too much about the pronunciation because they won’t ask you when you stop by.  

My Experience At Ciuri Ciuri.

The owner and the staff have always been friendly and accommodating when we stop by. It is pretty close to home, so we are frequent visitors and they are always ready with a friendly wave. We’ve eaten breakfast, lunch and had aperitivo there and I can say that it is affordable and good quality for such a small place.

Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum - Cappuccino

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops In Rome

Does Rome Have Coffee Shops?

Luckily for you, yes, Rome has a ton of coffee shops. They are usually called: Bar, but sometimes you will see a Caffè where you can get some great coffee all over Rome. The level of quality is consistently high, so while it’s great to visit a cool antique bar, don’t avoid the smaller, newer and less familiar ones. Their coffee might surprise you. Ciuri Ciuri is a bar, despite not using that word in its name.

Is There Food Inside The Colosseum?

Sadly, there are no refreshments available in the Colosseum, which is why it is good you are looking for alternatives. One reminder is that the restaurants that surround the Colosseum are pretty touristy, so you will want to avoid them. Ciuri Ciuri is far enough away that it isn’t touristy, but close enough to be an easy walk.

Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum - Delicious Kimbo Coffee

What Is The Oldest Café In Rome?

The Antico Caffè Greco, which opened in 1760 on Via dei Condotti, is the oldest bar in Rome and the second oldest in Italy. The oldest bar in Italy is purported to be Caffè Florian in Venice, which opened in its current location in St. Mark’s Square in 1720. Being right on Piazza San Marco, I can only imagine the tourist prices they change, but it is beautiful and I intend on stopping by on my next trip to Venice.

Why Is Café Nero Called That?

Café Nero is a coffee bar chain started in Britain, the country where coffee is an afterthought. Similar to Starbucks, in that they grabbed a hold of Italian culture and tried to change it to their liking. The name Nero comes from Roman Emperor Nero, and I’m guessing they thought this would make their brand seem more Italian in their marketing. I’ve tried it in the US and I am not a fan, which should be obvious. 

Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum - Cannoli

Do They Have Regular Coffee In Italy?

If, by “Regular Coffee”, you mean American-style drip coffee, then the short answer is: no. Coffee made in bars in Italy, and across most of Europe, is brewed with an espresso machine. You can get an American-style coffee in Italy by ordering a Caffè Americano, which will be an espresso coffee with hot water added. It might not sound good, but it actually is an acceptable version of American coffee.

Why Don’t Italians Drink Cappuccino After 12?

There are two reasons that Italians don’t drink cappuccino after 12:00 (actually, after 11:00). First is that it is considered a breakfast drink, so you wouldn’t have it for (or after) lunch. Enjoy it with a cornetto for breakfast, but stick with a plain espresso for the rest of the day. 

The second reason is that Italians view milk as difficult to digest and if you have it later in the day you won’t digest it well enough before bed and you won’t sleep well. I understand that this isn’t consistent with Italian’s love of cheese and gelato, both of which can be enjoyed any time of day. I think it’s best not to think about it too much and just go with the flow. 

Coffee Shop Near The Colosseum - Ciuri Ciuri

Where Can I Find Ciuri Ciuri?

There are two locations not far from the Colosseum, but my recommendation is for the via Labicana location. Their Kimbo Coffee is delicious and you don’t want to miss it.

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