Are Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans Worth A Taste In Rome?

Sant’Eustachio coffee beans are amazing and the caffè is a great place to have an espresso and check out Italian coffee culture on your next visit.

Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans - Caffè

The popularity of Il Caffè Sant’Eustachio can’t be denied. When you are in Rome and making a visit inside the Pantheon you will most certainly see the crowds around this bar that lives in the piazza of the same name. When you are nearby and  if you are also feeling like you need a boost of energy, you definitely should grab a quick espresso coffee, and a seat if one is available, at the popular coffee bar in Rome. This coffee roaster was established in 1938 and is a popular meeting and resting place in the heart of the historic center (centro storico) of Rome.

Years ago, we had an ecommerce business that sold Italian coffee in the US, and we learned through our customer feedback that the popularity of Sant’Eustachio coffee bean is an example of people wanting to enjoy their Roman experiences again, but after returning home from their amazing vacation.

Where Is The Sant’Eustachio Coffee Bar Located?

This coffee shop is located on Piazza di Sant’Eustachio in the Sant’Eustachio area in the center of Rome. It is very conveniently located near a number of popular sites, for example: 

Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans - Cans

How Good Are The Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans?

This coffee bar in Rome may be challenging to get in, but with a little planning, you will be successful. I made a couple failed attempts, but then I decided to show up when it opened and it was the right choice. I was served immediately and had a great caffè macchiato.

Sant’Eustachio coffee beans have great flavor and they use mostly (or entirely) Arabica beans. I would say that the roast is a great balance of bitterness and smoothness with the obvious and successful goal of attracting an engaged audience. My recent cup was delicious and I was taunted by all the fresh pastry, but unfortunately, I already ate.

How Much Are The Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans?

I typically only order a simple espresso or macchiato, so I wouldn’t be able to give a complete breakdown of the prices, but as a point of comparison, my caffè macchiato that I drank at the bar cost a reasonable €1.50. Their bagged coffee and other gifts that you might want to take with you are a little pricey, but not to a rude level. For a 250g can of beans, you will spend €8.50, which is not unreasonable if a little high. €8.50 for a great experience that you take home with you is definitely worth it.

Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans - Bags

Is Coffee Important In Italian Culture?

Coffee in Italy is ubiquitous and it is an important part of everyday life. There are a wide range of espresso based drinks that can be enjoyed all day long and can also be used as a social lubricant, even more than in the US. There are regional differences in coffee styles that are loved by the locals that are produced both by large roasters as well as smaller local roasters which can vary largely and subtly.

Most Italians I have met enjoy their favorite coffee everyday and some of the reasons should be familiar to Americans. They need to boost in the morning to face the day, they enjoy the taste of coffee, it is a habit they can’t or don’t want to break and because it can be a moment of relaxation during a busy day. The approach to coffee is different, even if the needs are the same.

Sant’Eustachio Coffee Beans -  Cup

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