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Caffè Trombetta in Rome Is The Best Coffee Near Termini

When you arrive after your long flight, nothing will be more needed than an espresso and Caffè Trombetta in Rome near Termini will be a lifesaver for anyone.

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Italian coffee culture is quite different from how coffee is enjoyed in the US. From my own experiences, I would get a large coffee (or two) first thing in the morning and I was set for the day. Here in Italy, drinking espresso throughout the day is more common, and can be used as an energy boost when needed.

So imagine that you just flew over the Atlantic ocean and are exhausted. You need a boost of energy, but you aren’t sure how to handle it. My recommendation, after years of testing this advice, is to find a Bar or Caffè and grab a quick espresso at the counter. This will give you the energy you need to make it to your hotel, but not so much as to mess with your much needed sleep.

One classic caffè you should check out is just outside Termini Station in Rome and it is called Caffè Trombetta. 

Caffe Trombetta Rome - Outside of Termini

Does Rome Have Great Coffee Shops?

Yes, Rome has some of the most amazing coffee shops, which are usually called: Bars, but sometimes you will see a Caffè, like with Caffè Trombetta where you can get great espresso and cappuccino all over Rome. The level of quality is consistently high, so while it’s great to visit a cool antique bar, don’t avoid the smaller, newer and less familiar ones. Their coffee might surprise you.

What Kind Of Food Is At Caffè Trombetta In Rome?

This bar is surprisingly big, and they do offer some simple pastries that you will find under the counter when you are enjoying your coffee at the bar. It has the usual selection of cornetti, pane al cioccolato and a tramezzini sandwiches that will pair well with an espresso or cappuccino.

They also offer some gelato, affogato and granite that would be great during the summer, but were available when I was there in late winter. They also have a sizable selection of cocktails, which isn’t surprising when you see the size of the bar, but I don’t think I would recommend some of the other foods, like their sandwiches and bacon and eggs for breakfast. These seem like more of an afterthought, so I would look elsewhere.

Caffe Trombetta Rome - Pastries

How Far Is Termini Station From The City Center?

The Rome train station is a central transportation hub and centrally located to all the major sites you will want to visit. If you consider Piazza Venezia to be the city center, like I do, it is an easy, downhill 1.2 mile (2 km) walk.

Unless you take a cab, it is likely that you will arrive, leave or stop by Termini Station when you are in Rome and knowing the best coffee will be invaluable. Caffè Trombetta is less crowded than anything in the station and they offer some great espresso for the weary traveler.

How Much Is A Cup Of Coffee At Caffè Trombetta In Rome?

Coffee in Rome is quite affordable, with an espresso usually setting you back between €1 and €1.20, and a cappuccino between €1.20 and €1.50. You might find one slightly cheaper or a bit more expensive, but these are definitely exceptions to the rule. Also, these are the prices for drinking at the counter, so if you want to sit at a table, you can expect to pay a bit more for the comfort.

Coffee at Caffè Trombetta is a bit more expensive than the norm, which is most likely because of their location. It is usually very busy and full of tourists. Their espresso is €2.00 and a cappuccino will run you about €2.50. Not the best prices, but it could be a lifesaver for someone arriving from an overseas flight.

Caffe Trombetta Rome - branded espresso cup

What Is The Most Popular Coffee In Rome?

Without a doubt, the most popular coffees are an espresso, a cappuccino and a macchiato. There are many more varieties of espresso coffee you can check out, like a Shakerato or a caffe latte or even a hot chocolate, but these three are the most popular. 

Don’t forget, cappuccino is strictly for breakfast, so don’t order it after 11:00 in the morning. After that, stick to espresso. The Italian belief is that dairy should not be consumed later in the day because it will upset your digestion and your sleep. Take that for what it is worth, but you will definitely stand out as a tourist if you ask for a cappuccino after dinner.

How Can I Find Caffè Trombetta In Rome?

The neighborhood around Termini Station in Rome is a major transportation hub and as such, it is easy to find. Almost every bus, subway and regional train goes through Termini, so you will probably be there at some point.

Caffè Trombetta is at Via Marsala, 46-48, which is just outside the north exit from the main station concourse and it is open from 5:30 AM until 9:00 PM everyday. One recommendation is to limit  your time there to daylight hours. This neighborhood is a bit dodgy and I wouldn’t recommend walking around at night.

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