We live in Rome and work all around Italy. It help us feed our passion for Italian coffee and the culture that goes with it.

We have been passionate about two things for a very long time: Italy and coffee. This blog is a celebration of the amazing coffee culture in Rome and all around Italy. This unique Italian culture originally drove us to start an e-commerce site on which we sold Italian coffee and coffee makers, but since relocating to Rome, the business needed to take a back seat to living our best lives in Italy, but with dreams of resurrecting the business in the future.

Now that we live in Rome, we will use our existing passions and new experiences to craft a detailed and colorful perspective on the coffee culture of the country that I’ve only begun to try to fully understand.

Anyone planning a vacation or relocation that could use some guidance on where to find the best coffee around Rome will find this blog a valuable resource, but you can also simply enjoy the photography and articles that I’m certain you will enjoy!