Starbucks Is Evil And Threatens Italian Coffee Culture

I realized that Starbucks is Evil once I saw how they appropriated Italian coffee culture and changed it for the worse. Learn the truth!

An All Positive Day!

When I talked about my last post with my wife, which admittedly was pretty negative regarding Starbucks, she suggested that I should be more positive. We don’t want to be the grumpy, negative business that only criticizes things we don’t like. That’s certainly not our model and if you spend a few brief seconds in the comments sections of various social media outlets, you will not see a shortage of negativity and of that I’m Positive! (see what I did there?)

O.K., so even though my intention was to be critical of a company I don’t support, I will try to do it in a positive way so that you the reader will step away from this blog post with good feelings!

Italian Coffee Culture

Part 1 of this blog post topic centered on how, through a positive appreciation for Italian coffee culture, a scrappy small business struggled to embrace this culture and make it their own! They are an inspiration to all multi-national corporations who want to give a warm, friendly embrace to a beautiful, complex, proud and historical culture and really make it their own to the point of altering it to make it fit their image and business needs! How inspirational!

They are SO inspirational that I recently learned of a movement in Boston’s North End, which similarly has embraced the Italian culture through the proud immigrant population from Italy that calls the North End their home. Local small businesses want to maintain the authenticity of their community by ensuring enormous multi-national companies who have embraced the Italian culture for their needs don’t impose their interpretation on the community. I’m positive that their goal is to celebrate their culture, including some uplifting and delicious espresso and cappuccino, while minimizing the possible confusion (that’s positive) on what is authentic Italian-American culture in Boston.

Coffee Excitement in Boston’s North End

In an exciting and positive development, North End business leaders are working together as a positive force to maintain the charm and identity of this enclave. Man, this is really inspiring! Rallying together, supporting a common cause and fighting the good fight all in the name of Italian Culture. Meraviglioso! Splendido! Stupendo! Fantastico!

This struggle is so infectious that even non-Italians, like Mayor Walsh (I’m positive he’s Irish!) are supporting this. He has encouraged the developer to embrace the idea of withdrawing the proposed Starbucks in support of the Italian-American community! His inspired support of this community shows how the loving embrace of politics and immigrant communities can co-exist certainly at a local level, if not at a national level! If you’d like to join this movement, consider a petition in support of the North End community!

Positive Inspiration For Coffee

Starbucks Is Evil - Diner Style

I’m totally excited after having read the Boston Global articles referenced above! The only logical (and positive) next step would be to enjoy an authentic cup of espresso and I’m uplifted by the idea that if you don’t have any Italian coffee at home, you could give our store the warm embrace of commerce!

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