Battista Coffee In Puglia Roast Coffee You Need To Try

The Battista coffee roasters from the Puglia region of Italy offer an amazing coffee experience for anyone who loves a classic Italian roast every morning.

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The Battista Roasting Company (a.k.a. Torrefazione Michele Battista) was created in 1940 by Giuseppe Battista and his wife in their hometown of Triggiano, Italy, which is just outside of the coastal town of Bari. Initially focusing on the sale of raw coffee beans, they bought a roaster after the war and started roasting their own beans for sale. Giuseppe retired from the business and turned the operations over to his family to continue offering their amazing coffee across Italy.

What Types Of Products Does Battista Coffee Sell?

Battista Coffee offers their coffee to be enjoyed at home, in the office and in an Italian styled bar. The Office line includes custom-made machines for paper filter pods coming in the universal ESE size. The Bar line includes six different blends of beans that also include decaffeinated coffee and a recent introduction of Liquorito, which is a liquor based on the Battista coffee blend. The Home line of Battista coffee is available in whole beans or ground for moka use.

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What Is The Roasting Training Center Of Michele Battista?

If you are interested in becoming a coffee professional, then the Roasting Training Center of Michele Battista may be for you. It is a laboratory of coffee culture in which the grain is the object of care, experience and attention from three generations. It has the ambitious goals of improvement and updating of the professional skills, but also the promotion of the state of Italian espresso’s art in order to increase consumer awareness and to promote the spread of total quality. The center is run by experts with the help of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters.

How Should Coffee Be Stored After It Is Opened?

To preserve the delicious aroma of the coffee after it is opened, many people ask: are ground coffee or beans better for preserving the flavor? The pre-ground blends are more subject to oxidation and the whole coffee beans fare better when stored, but pre-ground coffee is much more widely used because it is simply more convenient for everyday use. For more information about storing coffee after being opened, you can check out the storage recommendations of Battista Coffee Roasters.

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Who Invented Coffee Roasting?

Despite claims that a Brit inventor created a coffee roasting machine in 1824, the reality is that the origins of roasted coffee go back a bit further. Flat pans used to roast coffee beans were used in the 15th century in Persia and the Ottoman Empire and later cylindrical roasters were used in the 17th century. This style of roasting became popular in Europe, England and the Americas.

How Does A Roaster Work?

Modern coffee roasters have evolved from their simple origins to include many advanced technologies, the basic requirements are always the same. You first preheat the coffee roaster to the desired temperature, then you add some raw, green coffee beans to a cylindrical roaster and initially dry the beans. Continue to watch the roasting process paying attention to the color of the beans, which change from green to yellow to brown. Once the beans are brown, you can begin to smell the amazing flavors of the coffee beans and the roaster will decide how dark they want the beans. Let the beans cool and they are ready for grounding and brewing.

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What Is The Oldest Coffee Roaster In Italy?

Coffee arrived in Italy during the second half of the 16th century through the shipping channels of the Mediterranean Sea. In 1580 the Venetian botanist and physician Prospero Alpini imported coffee into Venice and soon coffee shops started opening one by one when coffee spread and became the drink of the intellectuals and lovers as plates of chocolate and coffee were considered a romantic gift.

What Is The Best Brand Of Coffee In Italy?

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I really don’t like calling something “The Best” and coffee is no exception. Italian coffee is all amazing and you should try every Italian coffee roaster you can find. There are variations of bean blends and roasting times across the country, region and even city, so don’t waste your time looking for the best and try everything to find your favorite. My favorite coffee is out of Naples, but I enjoy tasting an Italian espresso from the most northern regions to the southern tip of Sicily, and you should too.

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How Did I Enjoy The Coffee From Battista Caffè?

I chose from the Classico line of coffees, which are geared towards the home consumer and specifically for a home coffee maker, like a moka. These beans are a blend from South America, Asia and Africa and are characteristic of southern Italian coffee roasters. The Gusto Classico I drank was a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with a full, intense flavor with subtle notes of tobacco, cinnamon and dark chocolate.

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