The Best Coffee In Bari That You Need To Try Is Saicaf

The best coffee in Bari, Italy is the homegrown favorite Saicaf that you must try if you are traveling to this beautiful Puglia city on your next vacation.

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Saicaf Is The Best Coffee In Bari, Italy

You may be familiar with the amazing coffee available in some of the larger cities around Rome, Italy, but if you have the opportunity to visit some of the smaller cities, it might not be obvious which is the best coffee that you should try, and this article should help if you are planning trip to Bari in the region of Puglia in Italy.

Bari is a major port city on the Adriatic coast that is an amazing place to visit for every tourist to Italy. The beautiful architecture, sea views and history will keep you busy and probably require an additional jolt of energy that only a delicious espresso can provide.

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Saicaf has both cafes and they are a provider of coffee to bars around the city, so you won’t find a better place for an espresso than one of the locations with the ubiquitous “S” sign hanging outside, indicating that Saicaf is available inside.

Some Saicaf History And The Best Coffee In Bari

Saicaf is a hometown favorite because it began in 1932 in Bari with a small cafe serving a coffee that is so good that it soon became necessary to build out their production facilities to produce it for a much larger market.

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The name Saicaf comes from Società Anonima Industria Caffè and it begins by distributing locally with small production batches with an artisanal approach and a mindset oriented towards ever new challenges and the Future. Eventually, Saicaf spread beyond the local boundaries of Bari and is now available worldwide.

Saicaf Espresso Beans Are The Best Coffee In Bari

If you are visiting Bari, you should definitely try an espresso in a proper bar, as opposed to first trying it at home. In my opinion, unless you have a commercial espresso machine, you won’t reach the level of perfection you can enjoy in a bar. After experiencing the espresso In Situ, you can buy some beans or capsules to bring home with you and relive the experience as best you can.

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What Is The Best Coffee Around The World?

Almost every country has their own version of coffee, but for me, Italy has the most amazing coffee roasters and coffee culture that can’t be experienced anywhere else. While there are some giant coffee roasters, like illy and Lavazza, there are also regional roasters like Saicaf and some even smaller roasters that are only known in a single city. This provides for a unique coffee experience anywhere you go in Italy.

What Town In Italy Has The Best Coffee?

If you want to determine which city in Italy has the best coffee, you would need to have an espresso in every city and every region on the boot, because while there are some national coffee brands, like illy and Lavazza, you will find regional and local coffee roasters everywhere, so unless you are judging by sales volumes, there is no way determine which city has the best coffee.

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For me, however, I do have a couple of favorites, but I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to claim they are the best. Naples is home to my favorite: Kimbo, Turin is home to Lavazza and Trieste is home to illy. Any of these cities, in addition to Bari, will give you an amazing coffee experience.

What Is The Coffee Capital Of Italy?

Amazing coffee is available all over Italy, so I wouldn’t dare say that one city is more important than another. However, the main coffee port in Italy is Trieste, in the northeastern corner, and Trieste consumes espresso at the highest level in the country. In addition, Trieste is home to illy, which is one of the largest coffee roasters in the country, and the Trieste Coffee Festival is known world-wide.

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