. August 2019

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Coffee Quiz ☕ - 5th Edition with the KC Coffee Geek

We're so excited to have a coffee reviewer up next for the Coffee Quiz!  It's Steve Agocs from the KC Coffee Geek.  We 'met' Steve when he bought a San Giusto espresso cup and saucer set (and some espresso spoons) and then posted about it on Instagram.  Once we saw he was a coffee reviewer, we knew we had to follow him and you should too!

Steve Agocs, the KC Coffee Geek sipping an espresso wearing a Barcelona hat
Courtesy of Steve Agocs

Steve is an instructor at a university in Kansas City and came to the coffee world for a creative outlet after a sporadic stint with a beer blog.  It seemed like a natural fit for someone who was into specialty coffee but also writing, photography, branding, graphic design and food/beverages.  He says the center of his Venn diagram of interests is coffee and we can identify with that!

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