Coffee Quiz - 14th edition with author Jennifer Anton

Jen reached out to me on Instagram (yes, another connection formed on Insta!) as a coffee lover and once I heard about her new novel, Under the Light of the Italian Moon, I immediately asked her to participate in the Coffee Quiz!

This dual citizen (Italy/USA) author had a profound year in 2006 that started her on the journey to write her debut novel (read more about her here) and I'm excited to get my hands on it once it's published (March 8, 2021). She already has all kinds of exciting advance reviews of the book and the preorders are pouring in so check out what she has to say about coffee below and then go order her book (all links at the bottom). Brava Jen!

What brand (or brands) of coffee do you use at home? List as many as you use regularly.

Lavazza, Illy, Blue Mountain

What types of coffee or espresso makers are currently in use or taking up space in your home? Check all that apply.

πŸ– Automatic drip coffee maker



Electric espresso maker

πŸ– Stovetop espresso maker/moka pot (e.g. Bialetti)

Pour over coffee maker (e.g. Chemex)

French press


Stovetop percolator

Vacuum coffee maker

Turkish coffee pot

Tell us about your morning coffee routine. For instance, what time do you have your first cup of coffee or espresso? How do you make it? Do you take milk or sweetener? Do you drink it before you officially start your day or do you have it as you're already starting to get things done? Is it a solo or shared experience?

At 6am, I always have an Americano with sweetener and sometimes a splash of almond milk, then sit down and start writing or reading. It's my quiet time. I'm the only morning person in the house so my morning coffee time is also my personal quiet time. I wake up easily each morning, knowing coffee awaits!

How much coffee do you drink in a normal day?

1-2 cups

3 cups

4 cups

5 cups

πŸ– Too many to count!

In your experience, which country has the best coffee? Why?

Italy, of course, because in Italy coffee is part of the culture and social fabric. I love drinking espresso standing at a cafe counter in Italy or after a delicious Italian meal. Coffee is Italy. To be Italian is to love coffee!

When did you start drinking coffee regularly?

πŸ– In my teens

In my 20s

In my 30s

In my 40s or later

Do you have any favorite facts or stories about coffee you'd like to share?

The experiences with coffee throughout my life made it into my novel. When I was little, my mom gave me coffee filled with sugar and milk along with a piece of buttered toast to dip in it. Coffee helped me through all of my college exams. Coffee is something I drink at my mother's house even in the middle of the July heat! All of the stories I collected for my book were conversations over coffee!

Do you have any projects that you'd like to highlight?

My debut novel, Under the Light of the Italian Moon is launching on March 8th, 2021, International Women's Day! It takes place in Fonzaso, Italy and is the story of Nina Argenta, an Italian women who falls in love with a man living abroad in America, and then has to live and survive under Mussolini's fascist rule and WWII Nazi occupation. It's a story of love and women's resilience, inspired by the lives of my family in northern Italy.

You can find me at the following places:

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Facebook: jenniferantonauthorpage

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