While the purpose of this site isn't just about life in Rome/Italy, I do get requests to share insights into the culture or simply recommendations for English speakers. Toward that end, I've added this section with info and advice based just on our experiences. Just use the submenus to find a topic you're interested in!

It may be useful if you're traveling to Italy or if you are moving here, short term or long term. There are tons of useful Facebook groups as well so do a search there if you're looking to read a wider selection of experiences.

And some of my personal go-tos, for information on Rome would be:

Gillian from Gillian's Lists for everything Rome and beyond (Venice, Capri, Amalfi Coast). Plus she has a few options for personalized travel guidance that would be invaluable so if you're in the market, check her out!

Natalie from An American in Rome for food, shopping and travel. A California girl who made her way to Rome in 2010 so TONS of great advice!