Apartments in Rome

So we've had lots of folks reaching out wanting to know who we've used, both for our short term rental and for our long term rental.


Our short term apartment rental (about 2.5 months) was through Cribmed. Run by the helpful (and English speaking) Richard Greenbury, who was super patient as we navigated the wire transfer process (which we weren't familiar with). We also asked about a thousand questions about the apartment itself, location, etc. and he responded with answers quickly. It was invaluable to feel like we had a real person negotiating with the owner on things like bringing a dog. It was the personal attention/connection that made us feel more secure than if we'd tried to use AirBnb.

When you put in your dates for a certain property (the 'request to book' on the right of the property description), it will show you the one time fee for using their services, which is based on the length of your stay.

Questions? Ask Richard!


We used Rossana Sciucca, who runs Property International Rome Services, an agency that focuses on rentals for expats (she doesn't handle sales fyi). We first read about the agency from journalist John Henderson's blog, Dog-Eared Passport as he'd used it a couple of times (with the previous owners).

After chatting with Rossana on the phone, it felt like we were finally making some real progress in our apartment search! She immediately lined up a few places to look at (all good options based on our criteria) and when they weren't quite right, she went back to the drawing board and came up with another round to visit until we found the one. And here's the thing...when we thought she didn't have anything else and one of the options was a good fit but didn't exactly excite us, she continued looking for other properties to show us until we were smiling!

And then after the contract was signed and registered, she made sure to help us get the utilities in our name, internet connected, and answered questions about anything/everything...full service! This is INVALUABLE if you're not fluent in Italian. I really can't say enough good things about working with her! Oh, and she also speaks French in addition to the English and Italian.

And just a heads up that the apartments she represents generally start around 900€, 1300€ if you're looking in the Centro Storico.

Questions? Ask Rossana!

Where to get your hair cut (in English 😆)

I have tried both these places and liked them both:

Federico Salon - tucked away on a sidestreet not far from the Spanish Steps, Federico is a skilled stylist who spent a number of years in the UK and USA so his English is great.

Via Laurina 11/A 00167 Roma (RM)

Find him on Facebook or his website.

Riccio Capriccio - this salon is a stone's throw away from the Colosseum and Dario is the stylist there who speaks English after a few years in London. The salon is light and airy and feels young and hip but Dario assured me they have families and people of all ages that use their services (and I saw that in action while I was there).

Via di San Giovanni In Laterano, 142 00184 Roma

Find them on Facebook or their website.

Questions about either place? Let's talk!